Company History by the Numbers

1949: Jones Lumber Company was started by Lloyd Jones as a local sawmill in South Mississippi.

1976 – 2023: The Jones family of companies has grown to include Codaray Construction, FV Recycling, Jones Logistics, Jones Lumber, Jones Power, PortaBull Fuel, PortaBull Storage, TRU, Big Black River, Rockport Terminals, Parade, TAG Tax Advisors Group, and Elmdale Partners.

2000: FV Recycling was founded by Brett Jones in 2000. Operating out of a meat packing building in Columbia, Mississippi, FV Recycling started with 4 employees and 1 hook truck that pulled cardboard bins from the Columbia area.

6 months later: FV Recycling was servicing 45 clients with 1 hook truck and 1 flatbed truck.

2015: Our company acquired Sumrall Recycling, doubling in size and moving its operations to the Sumrall, Mississippi plant.

2018: We acquired Recycling Services of Louisiana, doubling in size for the second time in 3 years.

Today: FV Recycling operates 5 physical locations and 45 trucks in the Southeastern United States. We handle over 300,000 tons annually.