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Regardless of how much we rely on our computers and smartphones in today’s world, we continue to use paper almost every day. For businesses, this may be the easiest and most obvious reason to start a recycling initiative.

We offer commercial, industrial and business paper recycling services to clients that produce an extensive amount of paper waste. FV Recycling has various options to help you reduce your shredded paper, mixed paper and office waste while meeting your company’s sustainability goals.

FV Recycling can handle all of your commercial business recycling needs for cardboard, aluminum, paper, and plastics. Learn more about our commercial recycling services and customizable solutions for companies who need a multitude of services or materials recycled.

FV Recycling offers the following recycling and waste diversion services to clients in multiple industries:

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A Little Bit About Paper Recycling *

Paper is the most recycled material in the United States today. The following kinds of paper are recyclable:

  • White and colored paper used at home, in schools and in offices, including copy paper, writing paper, folders and stationery
  • Mail, plain and window envelopes, postcards, greeting cards and coupon packets
  • Boxes used for medicines, beauty supplies, candy and baked goods, take-out food containers, and cups and pizza boxes
  • Corrugated cardboard boxes
  • Paper shopping bags and wrapping paper
  • Newspapers, magazines and catalogs
  • Shredded paper

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