Baler Rental & Repair

Lease or Buy Balers and Recycling Equipment

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More Than a Trucking Company

Unlike many companies in our industry whose service consists solely of picking up and hauling bales of recyclable materials, we support your recycling operation from beginning to end. In addition to providing conventional waste and recycling services, FV Recycling sells, rents and repairs balers and other equipment. With an inventory of new and used balers and in-house baler repair technicians, we are your single-source cardboard baler rental and repair company.

Meeting Waste Equipment Needs

FV Recycling is an authorized dealer for several baler manufacturers. Balers are available to our clients for purchase or rental, and we offer lease and financing options, professional delivery and installation, preventive maintenance and expert repairs. Our baler repair technicians bring over 25 years of experience in installation, repair service, and refabricating and refurbishing of balers to every job.

FV Recycling provides balers that are ideal for grocery stores, shopping centers, colleges, manufacturing and other facilities with on-site cardboard recycling needs. If you believe that placing a baler on site is a good fit for your facility, please get in touch.

Need help determining the service(s) you need? Request a free on-site audit.

The FV Recycling Difference

The ability to maintain and repair balers sets us apart from our competitors. A baler is a specialized machine that requires hydraulic, electrical and specialized parts for servicing. While many waste companies pick up bales, very few are able to maintain and repair their clients’ balers.

The combination of our hauling services, equipment rental, repair and purchase options, and our ability to customize comprehensive solutions truly make us a one-stop shop for all your waste handling needs. FV Recycling is proud to offer a total solution — at a competitive price — to our clients.

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