What We Recycle

What We Recycle

Handling All Types of Recyclable Materials

environmentally conscious commercial paper bale recycling collection and pick up

FV Recycling operates recycling plants and boasts a network of contacts throughout the industry. This allows us to handle all sorts of recyclable materials — including paper, cardboard, aluminum and plastic — making us the ideal all-in-one recycling solution for any business.

We have the knowledge, contacts and expertise to handle all types of recyclable materials. Whether your commodity is baled or loose, whether high volume to go mill-direct or lower volume to be brought to our facility, we will remove it from your waste stream.

Regardless of the volume or types of waste material(s) you generate, FV Recycling has the knowledge to help. If there is a market for your material, and you produce a significant quantity of it, we will recycle it. Our goal is to meet the unique requirements of your facility’s waste flow process.