Bale Route Hauling

Paper and Cardboard Bale Recycling

FV Recycling Cardboard Bale Recycling Route Hauling for Baled Cardboard Collection

Capacity to Serve Virtually Any Business

FV Recycling understands that recycling is an initiative that requires a lot of attention, manpower and space. We offer transport services for hauling small loads and large, full loads, which allow us to serve a range of facilities with varying levels of recycling waste. Cardboard bale pickup service can be scheduled ahead of time, or you can call when you need a pickup.

We utilize trailers and forklifts to pick up bales behind your business from the dock, inside or outside your facility.

You do not need to be present when we load your bales. Our drivers manage all loading and unloading — so your staff continues to do what they do best while we take care of your waste.

LTL (Less-Than-Load) Service

LTL bale route hauling provides higher service levels, making it ideal for organizations that require baled recyclables to be hauled more frequently. Hauling in less-than-load quantities is the perfect solution for facilities with limited storage space, although it is appropriate for other applications as well.

Why tie up your company’s equipment and payroll dollars, when you can use our resources? Our driver loads your baled materials into our company-owned vans or flatbed trucks, saving your organization time and money.

Need help determining the service(s) you need? Request a free on-site audit.

What Makes FV Recycling Different?

FV Recycling brings a level of professionalism and commitment to cardboard bale recycling that greatly exceeds that of our competitors. We are a waste solutions company that puts service above everything.

With numerous trucks, forklifts and loading equipment, we serve multiple locations and make multiple stops per trip. This allows us to offer the most competitive rebates because we haul a full truck at a time, while maintaining our ability to service the small shop as well as the high-volume establishment.

FV Recycling is not just a trucking company; we operate several physical locations with multiple services. We guarantee to pick up your waste and keep the area behind your facility clear. Regardless of current market prices and mill activity, we always pick up your waste because, unlike some of our competitors, we have somewhere to take it.

Other companies have not updated their processes to the extent that we have, meaning that our technology sets us apart as well. We are able to provide reporting, including payment information, in a fully transparent and timely manner. FV Recycling is the waste diversion company that offers our clients the service and full reporting they have come to expect and deserve.

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