Comprehensive Waste and Recycling Services

black and white van route hauling

FV Recycling offers a wide range of recycling and waste diversion services to clients in multiple industries. We handle all your recycling needs — whether you manage a small corner grocery store, a big box retail establishment or a large industrial plant. We are able to pick up bales behind your facility, live-load on site, or leave an empty trailer and pick it up when full. We handle virtually all materials and have a solution for all your waste needs.

When you work with us, you get a reliable, versatile recycling partner that takes your needs into account. FV Recycling focuses on the services that work for you. If you require more than our standard services, we will customize a program to meet your unique needs. 

Further, we are more than a hauler or trucking company. Beyond our wide array of services, FV Recycling offers our expertise and top-notch customer service, which we hope our clients value above all else. Regardless of your waste problems or requirements, we find a solution. Our goal is to take care of all your waste needs, leaving you time, energy and resources to focus on your core business.