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We recycle virtually all grades and types of cardboard, including pre- and post-consumer boxes, cardboard bales and loose cardboard. Whether you are a manufacturer, retailer, grocer, distribution center or a general business, FV Recycling provides commercial and industrial cardboard recycling solutions to help you reduce your waste costs. Don’t let your corrugated and cardboard packaging pile up in your facility; let us put your bulk cardboard to good use.

FV Recycling can handle all of your commercial business recycling needs for cardboard, aluminum, paper, and plastics. Learn more about our commercial recycling services and customizable solutions for companies who need a multitude of services or materials recycled.

FV Recycling offers the following recycling and waste diversion services to clients in multiple industries:

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About Cardboard Recycling *

Companies that generate a significant amount of cardboard waste need to separate it from their regular trash so it can be recycled. Why? Because separating and removing it keeps cardboard out of landfills, conserves precious resources, helps you meet your sustainability goals, and may save you money on waste collection and disposal. Have you considered using a baler to compress cardboard waste into a compact bundle? Because cardboard is bulky, baling preserves space for more important operations in your facility.

Baled cardboard may be sold to a recycling company or a paper mill. After processing, the old cardboard is recycled into new cardboard. Types of cardboard that can be recycled include boxes, fiberboard, tubes, paperboard and plates. Dirty, waxed and wet cardboard products are not ideal candidates for recycling.

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