Bin and Dumpster Rental Accounts

For Companies with Smaller-Volume Needs

forklift operator transporting a cardboard bale commercial recycle bin rental for fv recycling

Bin and Dumpster Rental in Hattiesburg, MS

FV Recycling offers open-top bin and dumpster rental in the greater Hattiesburg area. Producers of relatively small amounts of cardboard, such as restaurants, gas stations and retail facilities, find this an excellent recycling option, and one that is more cost-effective than landfilling. If your business doesn’t generate enough waste for a baler but produces too much to simply throw away, then renting an open-top bin or an FV Recycling dumpster is a great solution.

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About Bin and Dumpster Rental Service

Our open-top bin rental is an as-needed service, meaning that the unit resides at your facility and an FV Recycling driver picks up your cardboard materials only when the bin is full. You are charged per pull, not per ton. This convenient service reduces waste bills for those with small-volume recycling needs.

Dumpster rental is a popular option for business recycling. Our dumpster fits in relatively small areas, reduces waste bills and, like our bins, is designed for facilities that do not produce enough cardboard waste to justify the purchase or rental of a baler. FV Recycling schedules a weekly dumpster pickup for client locations in the Hattiesburg area.

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