Trailer (Van) Service

Convenient and Reliable Trailer and Van Services for Waste and Recycling

fv recycling semi truck trailer van service

Right-Sized Waste Pickup

Among our service options, FV Recycling offers a solution specifically designed for large waste producers such as manufacturers or distribution centers. 

We can leave one or more trailers at your site for the storage and transportation of your various recyclable commodities. This service allows you to dedicate your warehouse space for your operations. Live load services are also offered on a scheduled or on call basis. Ours is the perfect solution for any organization seeking bulk cardboard, bulk paper, bulk plastic and bulk aluminum recycling.

FL (Full Load) Service

FL hauling is primarily for businesses that produce an enormous volume (18 – 20 tons) of a single commodity that could result in a higher rebate. FL service is also applicable to organizations with more than one type of commodity, or those with unbaled (loose) material that we can haul to our plant for processing.

Need help determining the service(s) you need? Request a free on-site audit.

The FV Recycling Difference

Other competitors offer the option to leave a van or trailer on site to handle a single commodity and contract with a third-party hauler to take it to the mill. We do this, too, but we also take combo loads because we have the ability to take materials back to our physical plants for sorting, whereas others cannot. Since service is our top priority, we guarantee that your full trailer is picked up and a new trailer dropped off — in a timely manner.

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