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Beaumont, Texas is the home of Spindletop Oilfield, the largest oilfield discovered on American land. While this happened in 1901, oil remains a major export. The city has since grown and diversified, and its residents work not just in the energy sector, but also in health care, retail, construction and public administration.


Businesses and employees in Beaumont have a vested interest in keeping the city clean. That’s why FV Recycling offers its waste diversion and recycling services to this coastal city. We handle all types of recyclable materials. If you’re searching for a reliable paper, cardboard, aluminum or plastic recycling business, look no further than FV Recycling.

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Suite of Services + Custom Programs

FV Recycling offers a comprehensive range of services for all Beaumont businesses. Regardless of the volume of recyclables you generate, we can handle all your recycling needs.

Bale Route Hauling. We pick up small and large loads of baled paper and cardboard on a set schedule or on an as-needed basis. You don’t have to be present during pickup; our drivers do all the loading and unloading.

Trailer (Van) Service. We leave one or more trailers at your site to collect your enormous volume of recyclables. We remove the full trailers and replace them with empty ones in a timely manner.

Brokerage Services. We haul recyclable commodities from any U.S. location to paper, aluminum or plastic recycling companies that purchase and convert them into other products. We find the best rebate for your recyclables.

Baler Rental and Repair. We lease, sell, finance, and repair balers and other waste equipment for your on-site needs. Our in-house technicians can install, maintain, repair, refabricate and refurbish your balers.

Pallet Management. We divert large quantities of pallet waste while providing a structured rebate on full pallet loads. We remove unsightly, space-consuming pallets from your site and put them back into circulation.

Custom Solutions for Unique Waste Challenges

If our standard services aren’t quite right for your needs, then ask us about our custom solutions. Our professionals have the knowledge, skills and technology to design a program to handle all your company’s specific waste diversion and recycling requirements. 

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