Industrial and Commercial Recycling Services

Solutions for All Your Waste Handling Needs

Florida offers outdoor fun and adventure and beautiful beaches. While parts of Florida have traditionally relied on farming, forestry and lumbering, today’s economy includes military bases, tourism and hospitality, schools, government offices and health care facilities. Some well-known companies in Florida include Westinghouse, Monsanto and St. Joe Paper Company. 

All businesses in Florida — from the largest industrial plant or big box retail store to the smallest corner grocery store — need a company to handle their waste diversion and recycling needs. When you work with FV Recycling, you get a reliable, versatile recycling partner that takes your needs into account. And if our standard services aren’t quite right for you, we will customize a program to meet your specific requirements.

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Our Services for Florida Businesses

  • Bale Route Hauling
    • We haul small or large, full loads.
    • Ideal for facilities that need frequent hauling.
    • Our drivers do all the loading and unloading.
    • We pick up from inside or outside your facility.
    • Schedule pickup or call when needed.
  • Trailer (Van) Service
    • Full-load (FL) service for larger waste producers.
    • Perfect solution for bulk commodity recycling.
    • For enormous amounts of a single commodity.
    • Our trailers remain on your site until full.
    • Live-load is available on a scheduled or on-call basis.
  • Brokerage Services
    • We broker your aluminum, paper, cardboard and plastics.
    • We have markets for your recyclables.
    • We serve your locations anywhere in the U.S.
    • We arrange transport of your materials to the buyers.
    • We find the best rebate for your recyclable commodities.
  • Baler Rental and Repair
    • We sell, rent and repair balers and other equipment.
    • We are an authorized dealer for several baler manufacturers.
    • Our inventory includes new and used balers.
    • Our employ professional, skilled in-house technicians.
    • We offer leasing and financing options.
  • Pallet Management
    • Ideal for companies using large quantities of pallets.
    • You receive a structured rebate on full pallet loads.
    • We recirculate your pallets to companies that need them.
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