Commercial Waste Recycling in Houston

Commercial Waste Management Services

If you live and work in Houston, then you know that it’s a diverse, world-class city. Known for NASA, the energy industry, pro sports, esteemed colleges, medical facilities and a vibrant arts culture, Houstonians are rightly proud of their city. They want to keep it as beautiful and clean as possible. We can help!


Every company in Houston — whether a large manufacturing plant or a worldwide corporate headquarters office — generates a certain volume of waste and recyclable materials. FV Recycling is available to help each Houston business determine the optimal waste recycling solutions for its particular needs. Our goal is to create a program for handling your business waste disposal needs so you can get back to business.

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FV Recycling’s Comprehensive Suite of Services

Are you looking for commercial cardboard recycling services? Have you been searching for plastic recycling companies to convert your materials into other product? Would an on-site baler help keep the back of your grocery store clean? FV Recycling provides all those services and more.

We offer:

  • Bale Route Hauling. FV Recycling removes baled recyclables from your waste stream and our landfills. We haul small loads as well as large, full loads from your facility.
  • Trailer (Van) Service. We leave one or more trailers at your site, each dedicated to a different material. We replace full trailers with empty ones.
  • Brokerage Services. FV Recycling coordinates transport of recyclable commodities — from any U.S. location — to mills or plants that purchase recycled materials.
  • Baler Rental and Repair. We lease, sell, finance and repair balers and waste equipment for on-site needs, making us the single source for all your recycling requirements.
  • Pallet Management. We meet the needs of companies that use large volumes of pallets. We remove and recirculate used pallets and pay a rebate for full pallet loads. 
  • Customizable Solutions. FV Recycling will custom tailor a program to handle all your waste challenge headaches, so you can concentrate on running your business.

What Sets FV Recycling Apart from Our Competitors?

FV Recycling is more than a trucking company. Unlike most of our competitors, we operate multiple physical locations. That means that regardless of current market prices and mill activity, we always pick up your waste because we have somewhere to take it.

We have updated technology that allows us to provide reporting, including payment information, in a fully transparent and timely manner.

And FV Recycling is different because we bring a level of professionalism and commitment to waste diversion and recycling that greatly exceeds that of our competitors. We are a waste solution company that puts service above all else.

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