Commercial Waste Recycling and Waste Removal

Solutions for Business Waste Disposal Needs

Mississippi’s predominant industries are agriculture and forestry. The state produces more than half of all farm-raised catfish in the entire United States, and it also produces a lot of our sweet potatoes, pulpwood and cotton. Other major industries in the state are manufacturing, trade, health care, education, transportation and utilities.  

What do the businesses in these industries have in common? All types of production and all employees produce recyclable waste. Whether paper, cardboard, plastic or aluminum, FV Recycling can handle your recyclable commodities for you, while you concentrate on running and growing your business.

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Commercial Recycling Services in Mississippi

Our commercial waste management services include the following:

  • Bale Route Hauling
    • Ideal for facilities that need frequent hauling.
    • We haul small or large, full loads.
    • We pick up from inside or outside your facility.
    • Our drivers do all the loading and unloading.
    • Schedule pickup or call when needed.
  • Trailer (Van) Service
    • Perfect solution for commercial cardboard recycling.
    • Full-load (FL) service for larger waste producers.
    • For enormous amounts of a single commodity.
    • Our trailers remain on your site until full.
    • Live-load is available on a scheduled or on-call basis.
  • Brokerage Services
  • Baler Rental and Repair
    • We are an authorized dealer for several baler manufacturers.
    • Our inventory includes new and used balers.
    • We sell, rent and repair balers and other equipment.
    • We offer leasing and financing options.
    • Our employ professional, skilled in-house technicians.
  • Pallet Management
    • Ideal for companies using large quantities of pallets.
    • You receive a structured rebate on full pallet loads.
    • We recirculate your pallets to companies that need them.
  • Bin/Dumpster Accounts
    • We rent open-top bins and dumpsters in the Hattiesburg area.
    • More cost-effective than land-filling for small waste generators.
    • We pick up your cardboard materials only when the bin is full.
    • We schedule weekly dumpster pickups for Hattiesburg clients.
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