Commercial Waste Management Services

Business Waste Disposal for All Industries

Once dominated by petroleum and agriculture, the Oklahoma economy has been diversifying in recent years. Today, the state boasts a wide range of industries. Top sectors include agriculture and food processing, energy, mineral production, manufacturing, telecommunications, transportation and aviation. If your company produces recyclable materials, as most businesses in these industries do, then consider contracting with FV Recycling for efficient, cost-effective, industrial and commercial recycling services. 

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Commercial Waste Removal and Recycling

FV Recycling offers a comprehensive range of services for all Oklahoma businesses. Whether you operate a large food processing plant, a medium-size manufacturing operation, a big-box retail establishment, or the corner grocery store, we can handle all your recycling needs. We handle virtually all your recyclables, including paper, cardboard, aluminum and plastic. 

Bale Route Hauling. We remove baled recyclables from your waste stream and our landfills. Our commercial cardboard recycling service meets the needs of virtually any business. We pick up small and large loads of baled paper and cardboard on a set schedule or on an as-needed basis. You don’t have to be present during pickup; our drivers do all the loading and unloading.

Trailer (Van) Service. We leave one or more trailers at your site, each dedicated to a different material. We remove the full trailers and replace them with empty ones in a timely manner. We also offer live-load services. Our trailer service is ideal for organizations looking to implement bulk cardboard, bulk paper, bulk plastic and/or bulk aluminum recycling.

Brokerage Services. Do you have locations outside of Oklahoma? We coordinate the transport of recyclable commodities from any U.S. location to mills or plants that purchase recycled materials and convert them into other products. We find the best rebate for your recyclables. Help keep usable waste out of landfills and maintain consumer demand for recycled products.

Baler Rental and Repair. We lease, sell, finance, and repair balers and other waste equipment for your on-site needs. FV Recycling is an authorized dealer for several baler manufacturers, and we maintain an inventory of new and used balers. Our in-house technicians are experienced in installing, maintaining, repairing, refabricating and refurbishing balers.

Pallet Management. We divert large quantities of pallet waste while providing a structured rebate on full pallet loads. We remove unsightly, space-consuming pallets from your site and put them back into circulation. This service is perfect for companies that use a lot of pallets and finds in-house pallet management to be inefficient and time-consuming.

Custom Solutions for Unique Waste Challenges

If our standard services aren’t quite right for your needs, then ask us about our custom solutions. Our professionals have the knowledge, skills and technology to design a program to handle all your company’s specific waste diversion and recycling requirements. 

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