Industrial and Commercial Waste Removal

You Have Business Waste and We Have Solutions

The Carolinas boast the mountains and the beaches, the lowlands and the plains. The Tar Heel State produces furniture, tobacco, brick, and textiles while the Palmetto State manufactures apparel, pharmaceuticals and medicine, aerospace parts, machinery and motor vehicle parts. Both are agricultural powerhouses that are rich in history.

A robust economy means that there is undoubtedly a lot of waste generated. That’s where we come in. FV Recycling provides expert waste handling and recycling services to keep your facilities clean and presentable.

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Our Services for North Carolina and South Carolina Businesses

Bale Route Hauling. FV Recycling offers commercial cardboard recycling services. We haul loads large and small, and you can schedule pickup ahead of time or call when you need us. Our LTL (less-than-load) service is ideal for facilities that require relatively frequent hauling of baled recyclables.

Trailer (Van) Service. Our FL (full-load) solution allows larger waste producers to move waste collection out of their valuable warehouse space. If you generate 18 – 20 tons of corrugated cardboard, this is the way to go. We place a trailer or two at your site and pick it up when it’s full.

Brokerage Services. FV Recycling is an industrial recycling broker. We pick up your waste recyclables and sell them to plants or mills that convert them into other products. With a vast network of recyclable purchasers who wish to buy your waste, we are able to serve all your U.S. locations.

Baler Rental and Repair. In addition to picking up, hauling and brokering bales of recyclable materials, we sell, rent and repair balers and other equipment. FV Recycling maintains an inventory of new and used balers, and we have in-house baler technicians ready to service your equipment.

Why Choose FV Recycling?

FV Recycling is not just a trucking company; we operate a number of physical locations and offer a range of services. You can count on us to help you meet your sustainability goals and keep your facility clean. Regardless of market fluctuation, we will always pick up your waste because we always have somewhere to take it.

We also rent, maintain and repair balers for ease of disposal. Lastly, we pride ourselves on providing reporting, including payment information, in a fully transparent and timely manner. This is a partnership and we value our partners.

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