Unlocking the Benefits: Outsourcing Pallet Management as Part of a Commercial Recycling Program

June 15, 2023

pallet management services for industrial and commercial high volume pallet collection by fv recycling

Companies who operate a high volume business have a lot of pallets. Effective pallet management solutions and logistics are essential for companies as they can provide an efficient and sustainable way of handling large quantities of pallets.

FV Recycling offers companies a structured rebate for full loads of quality Grade A and B 48×40 pallets, thereby reducing waste and diverting recyclables from landfills. By outsourcing pallet management to a specialized recycling company, businesses can free up valuable space and time that would otherwise be spent managing pallets in-house.

Additionally, the approach of recycling used pallets to other companies that need them promotes a circular economy and reduces the need for new pallets to be manufactured, which can have a positive impact on the environment.

Read on to explore some advantages of outsourcing pallet management and storage as part of a commercial recycling program. This can result in time and cost savings, while also supporting sustainability efforts and minimizing waste.

Time savings of commercial pallet recycling

Outsourcing pallet management solutions can help companies save significant amounts of time that would otherwise be spent on managing and monitoring pallets in-house. By entrusting this task to a third-party provider, businesses can focus on their core operations and other revenue-generating activities.

Pallet management providers have the necessary expertise, technology, and equipment to handle pallet-related tasks efficiently and effectively. They can manage pallet inventories, arrange for timely pickup and delivery, and handle any issues that may arise, such as lost or damaged pallets. Their recycling services help businesses save time and reduce the risk of errors or delays.

Improved efficiency in business recycling

Outsourcing pallet management can have a significant impact on a business’s supply chain efficiency. Companies can ensure that pallets are always available when and where they are needed, thus reducing downtime and improving overall productivity.

Increased sustainability and responsible management of materials

Recycling materials between businesses reduces the number of pallets that end up in landfills as well as the manufacture of new ones, making for a robust commercial recycling program.

According to a study from the USDA Forest Service, pallet reuse and recycling can save an estimated 5.7 billion board foot of lumber, bringing the volume of lumber being saved close to the level of new lumber being consumed. By promoting the reuse of pallets and reducing the number of pallets that end up in landfills, businesses can significantly reduce their environmental impact and show their communities a commitment to sustainability.

Improved safety with a pallet recycling program

According to Industrial Distribution, of the nearly 2 billion wooden pallets in circulation across the U.S. each year, approximately 1.5 billion are remanufactured — repaired and reused, “often after taking a beating in transit or at the store.” Every recyclable is not equal in terms of quality.

By working with a management company who will help track pallet usage and movement, businesses avoid working with damaged or defective materials that may pose a safety risk in the workplace. This can help reduce the risk of accidents and injuries caused by forklifts and other equipment used to move pallets. In addition, an off-site provider can help ensure that pallets are stored and handled properly, reducing the risk of pallets falling or collapsing.

Pallet recycling for enhanced customer service

Imagine this scenario: you’re a business owner who has just received an urgent order from a high-value customer. You’re thrilled at the prospect of a big sale, but you’re also worried about whether you’ll be able to fulfill the order on time and in the right condition. You know that any delays or damage to the products could lead to unhappy customers and damage your business’s reputation.

This is where an effective pallet management program can save the day. By ensuring a shipment of quality recycled pallets, businesses can ensure that products are delivered on time and in good condition, which can help improve customer service and strengthen relationships with customers.

Commercial recycling services for pallet management

For some businesses, an all encompassing in-house pallet management solution is not practical because of storage issues or lack of time or resources. Getting pallets only when and where you need them is a big benefit. Pallet recycling can be a part of a business recycling program and a way to give back to the local community.

If you need help to determine the pallet management service(s) that would suit your company best, please request FV Recycling’s free on site audit which can provide valuable insight into your needs. FV Recycling can recommend the most effective solution for you.